Holiday Reds & Greens!!

With holiday parties just around the corner, I feel it's
time to share all the gorgeous mistletoe greens 
and holly berry reds I've been hoarding! Below is both a shop update
and a sneak peak of many holiday inspired vintage items:

Left: Mistletoe Green Floral Day Dress, fits M - L. $52, listed here.
Right: Holly Red Parisian Beret, $38, listed here.

Left: Candy Cane Striped Sweater, fits XS - Small, listed here.
Right: 1960's Velvet Red Party Dress, coming soon . . .  

Below: Red and Green accessories!
1) Mod Persimmon Umbrella, $52, listed here.
2) Mossy Green Leather Clogs, fits US 6.5 - 7, listed here.
3) Snowy Forest Poncho, one size fits all, $42, listed here

Let's end with two stunning party dresses!

Left: Carol Brent, 1950's, fits M - L, listed here.
Right: 1950's Crumb Catcher Party Dress, fits XS- Small, coming soon.


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