Who is Jake?

Hello! This has nothing to do with vintage, or fashion, or etsy, but I just had to share this video of my little, grumpy, old dog. 

A bit of history: We're from Arizona, but haven't lived there for years. Every winter, it's more and more clear that Jake knows where he's from and is pretty angry that our current location (Albany, NY) is so chilly. I'd say we keep the house cool/comfortable, because we try to be aware of our energy consumption, but Jake is apparently anti-green and demands his own space heater. This is what happens when I do not turn the space heater on . . . in less than a minute, you'll see all of Jakey's tactics for convincing the space heater to turn on: gently nudging it, licking it, biting it, and eventually, the takedown.

To answer the original question: Jake is our dachshund, rescued from an abusive home 9 years ago. He'll turn 10 this December, and enjoys warmth, sweaters, walks, sleeping, digging, playing fetch, and cuddling. Though his name is in our shop name, he is not committed to vintage shopping!


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