Enviable Collections: Mobiles

So, I don't collect that many things. I collect bobby pins and barrettes pre-1960s, vintage Coach bags pre-1990s, and hanging mobiles. There are definitely other collections emerging . . . like 1950s dachshund accessories (scarves, brooches, handkerchiefs), but not in a quantity that I consider them collections (yet).

Today I'm sharing my mobile collection! If you saw the Etsy feature on my home, then you've already been introduced to my seagull mobile and perhaps the bottom 6" of James's handmade mobile, but here are the others:

Bi-Planes, purchased from TheOrangeCollective on Etsy

Whale Mobile, purchased from Projecteur on Etsy


Scandinavian Seal and Southwestern Mobile,
both purchased from OldVintageGoodies on Etsy

Fish Mobile, purchased from alittlemodern on Etsy

Sailboat Mobile, purchased from TheCottageCheese

Geometric Mobile (vintage-inspired), handmade by James (hubs)

 Seagull Mobile (my first mobile ever)
purchased at a local estate sale

Lucky for you, I found 2 duplicates (sailboat and seagull) and have no need for the same mobile, twice! So, I'm listing them in the shop today. They are both stunning, and I'm only parting with them because I already own them.


The Aristocrat of Knitted Wear

I found this amazing late 30s - 40s sweater dress and was charmed by
its tag: Marinette . . .  The Aristocrat of Knitted Wear:

It's stunning! Perfectly muted taupe, with intricate stitching and
a matching skinny belt.

When I looked up the maker, I found two newspapers  
featuring ads from Marinette: one from 1936 (above) 
and another from 1935 (below).

Not surprisingly, all their fashions (blouses, dresses, and skirts) 
are hand-knit. They also specialize in larger sizes. 
The first ad states Sizes: 14 to 20; and 
the following year's ad says Sizes 12 to 44.

This beauty is best suited for a modern day Medium - Large,
and the material has plenty of give to cling to your curves.


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