1950s Dresses (Plus Size and XL)

Happy New Year! Here's a 2012 sneak peek of an amazing lot of 
50s dresses I will be listing soon. Here are 4 of my favorites: 

1950s Miss Smith dress, in a spring floral cotton. A vintage size 20 (Bust 46"/Waist 34"/Hips 70").

1950s Cape Cod Casuals dress, in a midcentury plaid cotton print. Bust 46"/Waist 39"/Hips 47"

1950s Saybury dress, in a midcentury geometric cotton print. Bust 43"/Waist 46"/Hips 53"

1950s Young Size dress, in a classic navy blue silk. Bust 50"/Waist 39"/Hips 60"

Look for them here, soon!


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