Vintage Odyssey 3001...

I recently hit 3001 sales and it put me to thinking. . .  what will be in fashion in 3001? I'm guessing a few of these items below might have the approval of my sci-fi & vintage enthusiasts!

1950's Veiled Pink Cloche and the Flight Attendants From Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey 2001

The Replicant Rachael From Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and some 1950's Pink Star Cat Eyes

Vanilla Cape Style Cardigan and Princess Leia from Star Wars: A New Hope 

One of the Four Sirens (Beau Garrett) From Tron and a Vintage Sculptural Hat

Get them before the future does!


If Marcel the Shell Bought Valentine's Day Gifts...

Fortunately he does! I recently spoke with Marcel the shell and he was telling me how much trouble he has picking out Valentine's gifts for his girlfriend. I've put together his top choices, and it seems to me that he's got some great ideas.

She loves to write and he wants to surprise her...
Petite Typewriter from jessjamesjake

He's thinking about taking her bowling...
Miniature Wood Bowling Pins from The Fancy Lamb

He's been saving for a house...

He's been thinking that it would be nice for them to have a pet besides lint...

He thought he might plant her a garden...(To go with the house, ooooooo!)
Tiny Succulent Garden Necklace by Woodland Belle

He thought they might visit one of their best friends...
Popy the Mohair Bear by Knitting Dreams

Fortunately this best friend makes the most amazing cake...
Berry Mimosa Party Cake Earrings by Mouse Market 

You might want to get these before he does!


Though the Leaves Have Left...

...and there's too much snow, I've put together a few pieces to remember those days before the cold, when the maple leaves were bright and crackled underfoot like your warm fireplace. Enjoy!

Here's a few more to keep you warm!

Oxblood Leather Vintage Coat

Vintage Nordic Wool Coat

Vintage Black Leather Boots

Snow Bunny Winter Scarf

For these and more please visit me at jessjamesjake vintage


Be Prepared For Valentine's Day With jessjamesjake!

Valentine's day is fast approaching and I thought jessjamesjake should help you be prepared. I've selected a few beautiful items that should surprise and delight that special someone!


(Above: 1980s Heart Socks, Cherry Corduroy Skirt, Lace Ruffle Blouse)

1960's Cherry Red Gingham Skirt


1970's Etienne Aigner Red Satchel


Vintage 1960's Red Leather Loafers


Valentine's Day Red Sweater Cape

If you don't find what you're looking for here come visit jessjamesjake for even more.


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