Estate Jewelry: 925 CW Italy

This weekend, I came into an amazing set of vintage rings (and 1 necklace) from a local estate sale. The lady told me that they were her grandmother's, and that she started collecting jewelry in the 1920's. I bought it all! Of the 6 pieces, all are sterling silver, and three are signed CW 925 (and one of those also has ITALY stamped on it). My initial online research points me in the direction of Charles Winston, who used the CW mark in the 70s - 80s, but he's an American jewelry designer (so why is one stamped Italy?) and these piece look much older than that (to me). Opinions? I'd love to hear any suggestions you have!

Signed: CW, 925
Marcasite & Abalone Ring

Signed: CW, 925

               Marcasite & (faux) Sapphire Ring

Signed: CW, 925, Italy
(faux) Diamond Filigree Necklace

Signed: UC, 925
'love' wedding band. The UC mark is a very script style writing with the U above the C -- almost looks like a fancy 4.

Signed: JI, 925 ©
Filigree Wedding Band, The JI is very script-y, and may also say JZ.

No maker's mark, stamped 925: 

All will be listed soon!



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