Vintage Mugs & Glassware!

I used to have a matching set of mugs in my kitchen cabinets . . . but not anymore! I find myself being drawn to mismatched kitschy cups, mugs with text on them, melmac, and milk glass. My cupboard is so diverse, and it's fun to choose which mug to pour my morning coffee into! Here are a few favorites from my shop. I started with this Grandpa mug, because tomorrow is Father's Day! 

This vintage milk jug is covered in orange text! It even features a dairy cow. I love using old milk containers as vases, or to make sun tea outside! They are just fun to have around your home.

I just listed this oversized vintage glass! Anything with animals draws my attention, and a bright red pig is not to be missed! It reads, "Pig Out!" which seems strange on a glass. Shouldn't it say, "Drink up!" or "Too Thirsty!" ?? Pig out just seems odd . . .

I love this mug! It's the perfect gag gift. Anyone who will sip their morning brew out of a mug that read "Over the Hill and Off the Pill" has a great sense of humor!

And, my current favorite mug: Country Music x 13. Display both your love for Country Western and Vintage with this kitschy coffee cup!

Don't forget, I'm having a 20% off sale until I hit my 1000th order. I'm getting close, so save $$ while you can. The count is on, and I'm at 986 sales. Hooray!!


  1. wow, your shop is doing so well! great to hear=) i like the vintage milk jug and the oversized glass:)

  2. I love the country music mug! Fantastic!

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