Fall Fashion (Vintage Only)

Fall is coming, and I'll admit that I'm quite excited! I love the colors of autumn, a little chill in the air, and layering my cute vintage dresses with shrugs, cardigans and capes! Here are my favorites, all vintage, all found on Etsy, and nothing over $80!

From my shop, a stunning 1960's Cape in a Vermillion Red, $78.

Lea's Vintage has no shortage of cute fall wear, and her Pale Yellow Coat is lovely! $39

Ack! I love pink, and I love this 80's sweater! From Solanah, $20.

Perhaps the loveliest cut I've seen on a coat! If I found this swing coat in my local thrift shop, I'd keep it! But, for only $43 I'm thinking about snatching it up anyways. From forrestinavintage.

Rumor has it that blazers are back! Rock them in stripes, like this cropped mod blazer, from brownbagvintage, $30.

Lastly, we have my new addition to the shop: 1960's Pom Pom Shawl, $32.


Autumn dress preview coming soon ....


  1. Thanks for featuring our swing coat, Jess--it's really a gem, perfect for vintage lovin' gals heading back-to-school this fall! :)

  2. That Vermilion Red coat is so lovely!

  3. i love that red jacket! the pom pom shawl is to die for! perfect.

  4. I love Autumn, especially in the morning with that crisp chill and the leaves falling!

    I also love it because of coat shopping too.
    The red coat is lovely and im actually attracted to the shawl.

  5. I'm such a sucker for vintage coats!!! Love everything about them... the ladylike, demure shapes, the colors and especially the exquisite craftsmanship! :) Great picks here!

  6. Completely in love with the red cape!!!!

    But the whole line up is gorgeous :)

  7. These are all great! I especially love that shawl!

  8. It's 90 degrees here, and I'm dreaming of wearing a pretty coat like these!

    Lovely picks. That cape is stunning, but i'd look like a tomato if I wore it, lol.

  9. I really like the cropped blazer. Thanks for sharing!


  10. I love Pink too! That 80's sweater is sooo cute!!


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