Finding Vintage: An XL Clothing Lot!

Yuppers, it's true! I came into a lot (LOT) of
1950's - 1970's XL & Plus size clothing. Mostly casual
day dresses, wrap skirts, and sweaters -- but there are
also a few 1950's cocktail party dresses, some 1960's evening wear,
and several 1970's disco dresses. She was a bit smaller in the 50's & 60's,
so those are more in the L - XL size range (modern day 12 - 14). 
The 70's dresses range from a contemporary size 14 - 24. Very cute
taste, all flattering cuts, many nautical styles, V necklines and full skirts!

Some are already up in my shop!

Many are featured below . . . 

and there are even a few sneak peaks at the bottom!

1970's Polka Dot Shirtdress
B: 46"  •  W: 40" •  H: 50"  


                           1970's Hot Pink Wrap Dress
                            B: 40"  •  W: 36" •  H: free

B: 45"  •  W: 35" •  H: free

1970's Black & White Day Dress
B: 48"  •  W: 40" •  H: 50"  

1970's Sanibel Woman Patio Skirt
W: 30" - 40" 
•  H: 50"  

1960's Beaumart Tulip Dress
B: 41"  
•  W: 39" •  H: 45"  

1970's Nautical Dress
B: 52"  
•  W: 50" •  H: 58"  

Sneak Peeks are always fun! Here are some of
my upcoming L, XL and Plus size listings:

1950's LBD
1970's Nautical Shirtdress
Two 70's Wrap Skirts
... & so much more!

See my XL & Plus sizes here, & my large section here!

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