1940: College Girls in Men's Clothing

Loved this article so much, I scanned it in for you to enjoy.
The above photo has this caption, "Jumper dresses are outstanding non-masculine style in fall college wardrobes. The one at left, however, retains a masculine affinity in fabric i.e., men's-wear gray flannel. Although all plaids are popular, newest are the plaids with white grounds."

My favorite photo of the bunch reads, "Visor cap resembles those worn by baseball players, is made of corduroy in numerous colors. Wood bracelet has a dangling penknife for carving dates, initials, etc."

These pictures are of a "mannish jacket . . . purposely loose-fitting," as well as men's moccasins 
and a man's raincoat. The red rubber boots are an adaption of boy's boots.

Left: Men's slacks, pictured on women who attend Eastern college.

Right: Men's jackets, the real thing, not tailored for women. Right buttoning, and first made news when worn by female students at the Smith College.

Here's my source: Life, September 1940.

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