Dress Twins: 1940s - 1950s Dresses

I have some amazingly similar dresses in the shop right now!

This first set is from the same lady, who loved
 sailor collars, plum hues, and stripes. 
Which do you prefer: wool or cotton?
Busts: 36" - 38"
Waists: 27" - 30"

These two are from different lots. 
Full skirt or flat skirt?
Busts: 37" - 38"
Waists: 27" - 28"

These wool wiggle dresses were purchased from the 
same estate: Collar vs. Bow?
Busts: 34" - 36"
Waists: 26" - 27"


  1. Neat comparisons! I love the top set...I would wear them both for sure. I guess I prefer cotton though :) I can wear that year round!

  2. I just like that they're called "wiggle dresses"


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