the copper lockets

I found three amazing gold-filled lockets. They are all pre 1930s. I'm usually good at picking my favorite one, but this time I'm at a loss. I love them all for different reasons.

I love the 1920s engraved DH locket because it's the only one with a picture. It's also the only one with its original chain. I found it in a little town outside of Milwaukee, about a month ago.
(3/28 Update: now listed in the shop!)

This punched metal locket is amazing because of its filigree metalwork and delicate construction. She's roomy enough to actually be a little trinket box and was probably used to hold a lock of hair. She has the most beautiful detailing around the edges and probably dates from the turn of the century. I cannot find a hallmark. This beauty was found in a little town outside Albany, NY.

The 1910s square locket may be the most special. Maybe not, maybe it's a 3-way tie. It has a boxy, book shape, and one side has a piece of black onyx, the other a golden ochre stone with a deep rivet and polished finish. The interior houses purple cloth and the original inserts for pictures. This was found with the deep pocket locket above, just outside of Albany.

Can you pick a favorite?

They will all be listed in the shop soon. I breaks my heart a little to split them up,
but only 2 of them were found together. Maybe I'll keep one for myself . . .

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  1. That's a tough one! They are all so beautiful. I like the 1910s square locket the best, I think.


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