The Aristocrat of Knitted Wear

I found this amazing late 30s - 40s sweater dress and was charmed by
its tag: Marinette . . .  The Aristocrat of Knitted Wear:

It's stunning! Perfectly muted taupe, with intricate stitching and
a matching skinny belt.

When I looked up the maker, I found two newspapers  
featuring ads from Marinette: one from 1936 (above) 
and another from 1935 (below).

Not surprisingly, all their fashions (blouses, dresses, and skirts) 
are hand-knit. They also specialize in larger sizes. 
The first ad states Sizes: 14 to 20; and 
the following year's ad says Sizes 12 to 44.

This beauty is best suited for a modern day Medium - Large,
and the material has plenty of give to cling to your curves.

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