♡ Vested Gentress ♡

Oh Vested Gentress, why are your clothes so cute, and so hard to find?! Here is a selection of VG attire currently for sale at different vintage-friendly marketplaces. Grab them while you can!

Enthusiast Equestrians:

Amazing 1960's gingham horse dress.
For sale on Ebay, from pinupdresses, $199.

Horses & Clovers Sundress!
For sale on Market Publique, from Clutterist, $75.

Kelly green & Teal blue Horse Dress.
(Too bad it's not my size, or I'd be keeping it)

Feather Friends:

Pelican golfing skirt, circa 1960's.
For sale on Etsy, from tripoutvintage, $29.

Ducks in a Pond A - line Skirt!
For sale on Etsy, by ClaraPeyton, $32.50.

1970's Sundress, covered in Birds and Flowers!
For sale on Etsy, from HeidiHodge, $38.
(this one's a steal, better grab it!)


  1. I hear ya, sister! I have been lucky to find a few VG pieces, but not one of them was my size. Your horse dress is adorable... I'm sure it will sell fast!

    btw, I have nominated you for a blog award. Visit me to see what it's all about.... http://hellcatvintage.blogspot.com/2010/03/my-very-first-award.html

  2. I love the horse prints! I have an old 70's pantsuit with blue horses trotting around the pant legs. Maybe it's time to dig it out!

  3. amazing. i will have my eyes peeled from now on.

  4. Thanks for featuring my Vested Gentress horse dress! :) Love your blog!! Suzie

  5. I have a Puppy and Frog VG Dress, size 10, for sale...


    And a The Lilly butterfly dress, size 10-12, for sale...


  6. I just came across my first VG dress today. cute white background with light blue puppies. sadly, not my size either...

    I hope to have it in my shop soon!


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