Though the Leaves Have Left...

...and there's too much snow, I've put together a few pieces to remember those days before the cold, when the maple leaves were bright and crackled underfoot like your warm fireplace. Enjoy!

Here's a few more to keep you warm!

Oxblood Leather Vintage Coat

Vintage Nordic Wool Coat

Vintage Black Leather Boots

Snow Bunny Winter Scarf

For these and more please visit me at jessjamesjake vintage


  1. Oh my stars! The wool jacket and boots are both fabulous! I like to visit your etsy store anyway, but now I have a perfect reason to visit today! Love your blog. xoxo, MS


  2. Thanks so much. I have fun blog coming out tomorrow so if you get a chance swing by! I love the Pollock and fashion combo on yours. What a great idea! See you soon.

    xoxo Jess


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