Romper Resurgence

Summer is coming. Rompers are cute. Rompers look adorable on many shapes and sizes.
Here are some rompers I found doing a search on Etsy:

This one is 60s repro, handmade from DandyRascal. It really couldn't be any sweeter. 

WWII era romper with pink florals. Perfection!

This romper is handmade from a 40s pattern, with era accurate buttons.

1960s Mod anchor-print romper. Nautical charm!

I just listed this one - 1960s cotton romper with pointed collar.


  1. Adorable finds! Everybody loves a romper. So easy to wear and so darling. I can't make them fast enough once the weather turns nice. Thanks so much for featuring my custom made version!! xx

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  3. Love this post. First time on your blog and by gawd damn, I must say that you have something fabulous going on here.
    Tons of love from www.chantalmcculligh.com


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