a guest model + new equipment

So, I got a new camera! It's pretty great, and although I'm still learning, I wanted to share some of my first pictures with you! I'm very lucky that my friend and fellow vintage-enthusiast, Kater, was willing to be my guest model for this shoot. She looks amazing in everything, and for this shoot, we did mostly hats and jewelry so that I could work on my macro and portrait shots.

 Grabbed a little extra sunshine for this black hat since the satin was only a few 
shades darker than her brown locks.

(I've been nagging her to give us an eyeliner tutorial.)

All of these items will be in the shop shortly! Thanks to the lovely Kaitlin of AllThisHappiness for being the prettiest model around! She's wearing a vintage dress from her personal collection, her nail polish is June (a true coral) from Chanel, and her lips are Niagara by Nars. Stunning!


  1. She is really photogenic and suits wearing hats!

  2. Lovely! Yay for new cameras!

  3. Very lovely! (curious to know what kind of camera lol)


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