Farm Box!

Ok, so this is my first time doing a CSA and we're splitting it with another couple so that we do not have kale for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our farm of choice is Roxbury. Because of the crazy warmth we had here in April, we got a bonus week of lettuce, radishes, turnips, broccoli rabe, tatsoi, cilantro, kale and kohlrabi. It's all beautiful, and plenty for the 4 of us. I snapped a couple quick pictures (iPhone camera, sorry!) while I was rinsing and spinning out the greens. 

My salad spinner is vintage!  :)

So, I'm unfamiliar with kohlrabi . . . if you have a wonderful recipe or technique for preparing it, 
please let me know! Also, they put in our newsletter to please spread the word, so here goes: 

We still have shares available in the Capital District at the Schenectady, Glenville, 
South Main, and Delmar sites and also at the Farm. 


  1. Awesome! Your salad spinner is as cool as your salad bowl I still have at my house. It all looks great.

  2. fresh... look a great,, :)


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