Deer? Yes, Please!!

Question: Why do we love deer so much? 

Answer: Because they are the animal of maximum cuteness!!

I always buy up all the deer I can, whether it be vintage or handmade. I bought these Deer Egg Cups, from BROOKLYNrehab, back in December. Aren't they amazing? And, they're only $12. Her shop is one of my favs on Etsy!

My shop's banner & avatar (featuring the cutest doe ever) is from talented graphic designer, ReBrand! Her shop is fabulous, and she's a lovely seller. She also made up these custom ads for me in less than 24 hours!! 

Currently in my Etsy favs, is this amazing fawn sweet plate from laurawallstaylor. It's perfection!! I can officially say, that this little plate is on my bday list.
A very stately buck, from I'mSoVintage is a must have for all of us deer enthusiasts!! She's even having a sale right now! Go check it out.

I really struggled with selling this, but decided that I had too many deer on my shelves already!! It's my Woodland Deer Vase...
Truly, the sweetest planter I've ever come across.


  1. that little deer plate might be the cutest thing ever.

  2. i know . . . my bday is in June, and I'm not sure that I can last that long!

  3. OOh, I love deer as well! They're so sweet and precious!

  4. I love deers too. They have such a timid shy look to them.

  5. "maximum cuteness"!!! love the planter!

  6. deers are sweet:D i made a post on vintage suitcases today with your shop. I love the vintage things you sell, i wish i could buy one:)
    hope you could drop by, http://theshopbug.blogspot.com/ thanks :)

  7. hi Jess...love vintage style too and just dioscovered your blog...I'll be back shortly!!!

    this is mine...

    please come visit me!


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