Summertime = Vintage Swimsuits


Summertime is just around the corner!
Are you planning a boating trip? Or, a vacation somewhere warm? Maybe you're heading to a friend's pool party? You should rock this season's swimwear Vintage-Style! Here's a little taste of my vintage swimsuit collection, some of which I've posted . . . and others that I'm hanging onto a bit longer.

In the mix, we have 1960's one-piece romper style swimsuit with build in bloomers, a boycut one-piece with a matching tie belt, a french cut vixen swimsuit from Jag, and a classic 80's Jantzen Nautical cutie. I have yet to list these lovelies below: a backless halter bathing suit with embroidered gold anchor, and a new wave 80's rainbow suit with drawstring neck. Way too adorable . . . and so much more to come.


  1. Hello, I just found your beautiful blog!
    I love vintage! Soon I'l make a post on your amazing shop and I'll add you on my blog roll!
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. wonderful swimsuits .. everything is still so fashionable :-)

  3. I love the second to last one!! SO cute. One-pieces are great except for strange tanning lines ahha. BUT since i don't tan i think i will invest in one.

    Fashion on edge..

  4. Ah I love that last suit! Must have now.


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