My Mustard Craving!

I've been drawn to mustard everywhere: in my thrifting, from my closet, as my accessories, and even on my sandwiches. I think it's been dreary too long and I'm ready to have some flavor! So, to kick off my new blog, my recent shop makeover and to indulge my craving, mustard is my color of the week. 

Some of my favorite mustards from my shop are highlighted on the left, and here are a few more that can be found on Etsy, in my favorites. They are all amazing! 

First, we have a Dainty Yellow Knit Blouse, from telephoneghost, that I'm totally in love with! 

Next, we need a bag. My favorite mustard bag is from morelle , called a Truffle in Mustard. Yes, please!! 

Lastly, I feel we need my favorite compliment to mustard yellow . . . slate grey. I love this mini flannel skirt from Baolini!

These oversized shades from my shop, are the last little yellow we need!  


  1. Yay, welcome to the blogosphere! LOVE the mustard. :)

    -Amanda (@tweecards)

  2. I have a lot/hate relationship with mustard. Both the color and the product. Sometimes I just crave it! Thank you for adding my truffle here!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning me! :) I'll be following your blog!

  4. Such a cute collection! The sunglasses look amazing - ah, God (if you're listening) I need more money! x

  5. OMG, I so want that Yellow Knit Top.....super cute!!


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