Vintage Specs!!

I was fooling around on Etsy, looking for some info about some amazing vintage glasses I recently purchased, and quickly discovered so many lovely cateye glasses, that I'm forced to do a mini feature. Here are some of my favorites:

blacksheepyarn's Vintage French Cat Eye glasses are listed above, and are only $35!! Better snatch those up quickly.

I love these Silver Cateyes from 
They are on sale for $55, just in time for Mother's Day!!

And I completely adore these 50's Gold Tipped frames from BackThennishVintage. 
Yes, please!! These are my favorites - priced at $175, and worth every penny.

I currently have one pair of cateye glasses in my shop, featured on the sidebar. I am super excited to list my new Swanks!! Here's a sneak peak:


  1. Oh, don't those look cool!!
    But, not on me! I don't think I'd every look good in that style!

  2. Hey new follower :) Just found your shop via Amy @ the Bline, Love it!

  3. all those glasses are super amazing!!! especially the first ones


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